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What is Functional Medicine?

Functional Medicine is a science-based concept for the diagnosis, therapy, and prevention of chronic illnesses.

According to our genetics, mental resilience, and life experiences, we humans are able to counteract various triggers that affect our health in different ways. This is dependent on various factors such as gut problems, nutrient deficiencies, stress, trauma, environmental pollutants, and much more. When our compensation systems become exhausted, diseases can develop.

In principle, Functional Medicine treats PEOPLE, not just symptoms or diagnoses!

It describes the human being as a unit of body, mind, and soul,

takes into account the social environment (family, friends, work environment...),

takes into account the natural environment (water, soil, air, climate...),

takes into account the artificial environment (electrosmog, living space, medication consumption...),

takes into account beliefs and behavior patterns, as well as genetic background.

How does such treatment work?

At the beginning, we take a lot of time for a detailed medical history. This is followed by a basic physical examination and an extremely innovative laboratory diagnosis, including state-of-the-art genetic analyses.

As a rule, we focus on the gut first.

"The gut as the root of our health". We examine the microbiome and clarify whether there is "leaky gut", an inflamed intestinal mucosa, a fungal burden, or parasite infestation.

Milieu treatment always appears to be promising.

Darkfield diagnosis is particularly suitable for this purpose.

A pH shift can lead to an upward development of endobionts into pathogenic forms of growth, which can represent a significant obstacle to healing if not taken into account.

We treat the body's nutrient deficiency with micronutrients such as minerals, vitamins, trace elements, fatty acids, amino acids, and secondary plant substances. Our customized individual infusion therapy concepts tailored to your genetic background appear to be very promising.

The functional assessment of mitochondria (energy centers of the cell), adrenal glands, and the prevailing hormonal metabolic status is always effective.

In recent decades, there has been a considerable increase in the toxic load on humans. We find heavy metal pollution with mercury, silver, aluminum, arsenic, nickel, and other environmental toxins, so-called xenoestrogens, which cause a hormone shift towards estrogens. Individual detoxification measures, taking into account the limited detoxification enzymes present in 50% of patients, are always promising, especially in chronic diseases, neurological conditions, and tumor diseases.

We always consider chronic bacterial and viral burdens such as Borrelia, Streptococci, Herpes viruses, EBV, CMV, etc.


A fundamental assessment of the dental situation is significant. Are there still amalgams or metals or titanium implants with titanium intolerance? Are there gold and amalgam in combination, which develop the effect of a battery in the oral cavity? Are there inflammation foci, root canal-treated teeth that have organ-relatedness to the diseased organ, jaw joint problems, or functional disorders due to malocclusion? Roughly estimated, 80% of all interference fields are located in the head area. A look at the teeth is always worthwhile!

We consider psychological stress, emotional stress, negative beliefs, traumas, and support you with individual therapy approaches such as harmonization of the autonomic nervous system, integrative kinesiology, trauma work, talk therapy, and, if desired, also via Skype.

It is also important to show you your individual "healing diet". Do you suffer from the consequences of celiac disease, an IgG4-mediated food intolerance, fructose, lactose, or histamine intolerance or an intolerance to artificial sugars? Individual dietary changes are always part of the way to healing!

We accompany you back on the path to a healthy and happy existence in harmony with yourself, your environment, and nature, and that is healing on all levels!

If you are looking for highly individual, innovative, human, and promising treatment for your illness, we look forward to hearing from you!




Dr. Klein Unterschrift
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